Pressing On


A study of the Scriptures to discover who God is, what He is like, and how to partner with Him now.


THE WORD began as a discussion email among a handful of guys in 2009.  The topics were presented daily by a man who had followed Christ for more years than most of us had been alive.  Joe was also my mentor, my father in faith.  His major lessons to me included how to accurately study Scripture, how to live with the End in mind, the importance of mentoring, and how to love my wife and kids...even if I didn't want to or if they didn't deserve my love at that particular moment.  

Joe would often tell me "There is no greater privilege than teaching the Word of God."  As I read through the Bible and I learned about humanity's final destiny to once again partner with the Creator of the Universe, I couldn't agree with him more.  

The first step is to recognize the mess we're in - caused by the mistakes and sins we've committed - and then accept Jesus' payment for our sins.  The next step is to see the world from God's perspective, for there is a richness in our eternity future that reaches into our present...and to be given the opportunity to convey that message is a privilege indeed!  

In 2011, I began guest-writing for THE WORD, occasionally filling in.  In mid-2013, due to Joe's rapidly declining health, I began to write THE WORD full time.  In mid-2014, THE WORD was transferred from a discussion email to this website.

THE WORD is a reflection of my current study path in the Bible.  It is written in a format that is quick to read, yet aims to give you something to think about.  It is currently published on that day is good for a "spiritual tune-up" since it is far enough away from the typical Sunday church gathering.